Tantalising Ties for Slave Taquin

The more I get to know you, the more I use it against you; my regular House of Deelight pets all know this only too well and this week Slave Taquin, as always was reminded again about just how well I know him and how well I use that knowledge.  He forgot to add into his blog that while he was tied up I suggested, no, informed him that he was currently starting session number 2 of 9 and that when he reaches session 9 of 9 I could, if I choose, refuse to unlock his device or give him the code to the combination locked chamber that holds his emergency key, unless he signs up for another year under my control.  Perhaps he missed he this point out of his write up because he thought I may have said it on a whim and that I might forget having said it. Now there’s food for thought. You really are mine now Taquin.

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Here is his write up: (click images to enlarge)

This blog must surely be about yesterday’s session with Miss Deelight, but not talking about the lead up to the session first would be doing an injustice to what it is like being her slave in chastity.

In the days and weeks proceeding my session Mistress had first coaxed out of me my previously unspoken fantasies and then ruthlessly exploited them over the days that followed. By the day of the session itself I was a blabbering wreck who felt like he would not be able to cope with another night in his chastity device. It seems that Mistress knows me so well now that all she needs to do is send me a well considered text or image and I am putty in her hands. I can even distinguish a change in tone at times, that is sometimes subtle, but always enough to make me realise the peril of my predicament. Mistress can be certain of two things. One is that her property is securely locked in its chastity device and secondly that I will attend the HOD without fail regardless of the fate that awaits me. These two things provide her with great power. In the days before the session Mistress really made my life difficult. She knows that I am one of her many twitter fans. And although I know that it is not always true, it often seems to me that her tweets are aimed at me. The one that took me completely over the edge this week was published just before I went to bed on the evening before my session. It was called Tease & Denial and talked of the joys of chastity, but from the perspective of the Mistress. I had been struggling to cope with unwanted erections all day. Reading this tweet from Mistress just before going to bed resulted in the most uncomfortable night spent in a chastity device I have ever known.

The purpose of telling you this? Just to say that if Mistress does get you into a chastity device you had better become used to being her play thing. Once this happens it is as much to do with what happens between the sessions as it is about the sessions themselves.

The day of the session arrived and one final tweet ‘hit the spot’ as I prepared to drive to the HOD. It was a cartoon of a woman with a hair brush about to use the back of it to ensure that the gentleman in her life knew his rightful place. Mistress accompanied it with #someoneisgettingittoday.  Now I knew that this one was definitely aimed at me! Amongst other things I had confessed to Mistress that I had never been spanked or caned by any Mistress before and wondered what it would be like.

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I entered the HOD and locked the door behind me. Mistress called through from the kitchen that I was to kneel on the dungeon floor with my head bowed and my arms behind my back. I placed the bouquet of flowers that I had brought as a gift for Mistress in front of me and did as instructed. A few moments later Mistress entered the dungeon and quickly secured my wrists with handcuffs. For me this is the moment that my session starts. From this point on I know that there is no escape.

Mistress asked about the flowers that I had brought for her. I explained that I had been instructed to buy them for her by the Mistress in East Anglia who I had been allowed to contact a couple of weeks earlier. Miss Deelight seemed very pleased and told me to pass on her thanks to the Mistress concerned.

taquin 2of9-012

I was instructed to stand and make my way upstairs. I knew that this was where I was to stay for the next hour until Mistress was ready to start the session proper. Still handcuffed Mistress instructed me to stand whilst she removed my trousers, pants and socks. She seemed pleased to see her property was already dribbling in anticipation within its steel cage. I was made to sit on the side of the bed whilst Mistress went about chaining my wrists to one side of the bed and my ankles to the other.

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‘Stand up’ she said. It was of course impossible and she laughed at my predicament. I thanked her and expected her to leave me to suffer in silence whilst she went about her tasks downstairs. ‘I haven’t finished yet’ she said as she pulled out another length of chain. Mistress had that smile on her face that I have come to recognise as the one where she is about to make my life difficult. She clipped one end of the chain to my chastity device and the other to the end of the bed. It wasn’t painful, just a little uncomfortable. Just enough to ensure that the constant pressure on her property allowed it to never fully relax. I was then gagged with tape and instructed to mumble loudly if I needed to gain her attention downstairs.

And this is where I was left to consider the forthcoming session. Securely chained to the bed with no hope of escape whilst Mistress prepared for her day. Each time that Mistress came into the room to check on her prisoner or to get something she needed I thought to myself ‘what a very lucky slave I am to be her property’. It is such a tantalising feeling for me to be so close to Mistress and yet to be so securely shackled that all I can do is to look and to dream. At one point she came in and declared that she had a really good idea. She went to the cupboard in the corner and pulled out the large mains powered vibrator. Mistress had found yet another way to tease me unbearably. She turned on the vibrator, leant it on top of the chain connecting my chastity device to the bed head, and watched as her property expanded fit to burst inside its metal cage. ‘That should keep you entertained for a while’ she said and left the room.

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Eventually Mistress returned and I knew that my session was about to start. Today she was wearing the latex polka dot dress, gorgeous. She lifted the vibrator from the chain and applied it to the chastity device itself. It was a wonderful feeling, until I felt the pain of my cock expanding inside its prison. Mistress moved the vibrator around knowing by now from my expressions and moans where it was having most effect. Once she found the spot she was relentless. I was surprised to realise that despite the discomfort I was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

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I began to panic. What would it feels like to orgasm inside a chastity device. My head was telling me to ask her to stop. My body was screaming at me to ask her to continue. All I could actually say was ‘I am going to cum Mistress’! Of course she didn’t let me. Eventually Mistress decided that I could take no more and put the vibrator down. I was actually pleased.

taquin 2of9-017

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With the chain still attached to the chastity device Mistress made me position myself on the bed on my hands and knees. She cuffed my wrists to the bed side and told me to lift my backside higher in to the air. I knew that I was about to experience what for me was a whole new experience. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that she was holding a paddle of some description. Her instruction was simple and not unexpected (others have blogged of it previously). I was to thank her for every blow received and to declare the number of blows altogether. I had thought that we might start gently. The first blow landed and made me wince in pain (In hindsight I suspect that this was Mistress being relatively gentle, it is just that I am such a wimp when it comes to pain!). ‘Thank you – one’ I said. Mistress continued with increasing force. The pain in my backside grew. Mistress seemed to enjoy the fact that it was turning crimson so easily. The blows continued, and I continued to thank her, and to count. As we continued I found the process of counting more and more difficult. As the pain increased further I became terrified of losing count (I knew that the penalty for getting it wrong was to start again at number one!) This became more difficult still when Mistress would stop momentarily and ask another completely unrelated question before unleashing the next blow. Eventually we got to ‘thank you – seventeen’ and Mistress declared that the next blow was to be the last, but that it was going to hurt. And it did! It took a few moments for me to regain my senses and to thank Mistress once again.

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And so having had a little while to consider the experience of being beaten by Mistress what do I think of it? In itself I didn’t find it to be exciting. As I think I knew already pain is not a turn on for me. However having now taken it off my hard limits list it is now yet another tool that Mistress can use to control me. In, what has become for me, a true Dom/Sub relationship with Miss Deelight it is only right that there should be things that I truly fear that can be used to punish me if I ever deserve it as well as ways that Mistress can reward me.This is what excites me.

With my punishment behind me we moved onto something that I had very much been looking forward to, bondage. We had agreed that I would research a new tie for Mistress to try out on me. I had provided her with a couple of instructional video’s that I had found on the internet. In actual fact I am pretty sure that Mistress was already familiar with the ties concerned but maybe not with the precise methodology being presented in the videos. She decided to follow the on screen instructions and before long I found myself kneeling on the bed with my legs tied between thigh and calf, my arms secured behind my back to a body harness and both elements tied together in a form of hog tie. I was unable to move and in my personal heaven.

taquin 2of9-030-Edit

For the first time in nearly 4 weeks the cage was removed from my device and I was allowed to feel the touch from my Mistress’s hand. My mind became totally blurred. I could feel the rope holding me helpless whilst Mistress worked her magic. In what seemed like just a moment in time Mistress had brought me to a thunderous orgasm and I writhed in pleasure. What power she holds over me to be able to control me as she does.

My pleasure over Mistress locked the cage back in place. I left the HOD happy but in the knowledge that Mistress’s property will only feel cold steel for the next 4 weeks. Already I fear the torment that I will endure before my next visit.

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