Taquin’s Ramblings…

My submission is consensual. The style, intensity and duration of it is at the discretion of Miss Deelight.

I told Mistress something yesterday that she has seized upon and will use against me. It was to do with my access to Twitter and has resulted in the likelihood that, when Mistress decides that I should not be able to access it, I will be excluded more completely than might otherwise have been the case.

I love Twitter. And so why did I do it? I did it because I have promised to be honest. I did it because I would have felt guilty to be accessing content that Mistress might have thought was out of my reach. But the real reason is more fundamental than that.

In my response to Mistress I told her that it felt like putting my hands behind my back in order that she can tie them. When I do that I know that she will secure me so well that I have no chance of escape. I know that she will then torment me and make me suffer. But I also know that whatever she does to me will in some way make me feel good. It might not be immediately obvious to me how or when that will be, but by putting my hands behind my back I have accepted that Mistress will take total control over me. I know that I have to trust her to use that power wisely and that she will always look after me.

Mistress has never made me doubt my trust in her. Telling her about my Twitter access is no different. I don’t want to have any choice in my fetish life. Mistress ensures that I don’t!

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