Teamviewer and A Physical End to Chastity – by Slave Taquin

This blog entry is coming to you almost a month late as many of you know I have been moving house and settling into a new routine in my vanilla world.  Now this entry by Slave Taquin has an element of bitter sweet to it and also really goes to show that some things do happen for a reason.  Taquin had mentioned his Teamviewer fantasies to me previously and no sooner had I gained complete control over his PC, it happened that a physical chastity issue dictated the end of an era as far as Taquin wearing a device goes.  How fortunate it was then, that I had still had him in another form of chastity….. a virtual chastity controlled by my access to his world!

teamviewer taking control

This week started on a real high. Mistress declared that she was on the mend and enquired what I was doing that day. I knew that she had just read my previous blog that talked of Teamviewer and therefore realised that she was considering spending some time honing her skills at my expense. I have to say that I look forward to her attention so much these days that I will do whatever is necessary to make myself available. I told Mistress that I was free all afternoon (and then set about doing a days work in a morning to make sure that this was indeed the case!).

I received the text at 3pm that asked where I was, if my laptop was turned on and if it was connected to the internet. I replied that it was all ready and that I was in the workshop. I stood in front of my laptop and once more questioned my sanity. I was about to allow Mistress to access my pc that, as is true for most people these days, holds all of my personal (vanilla) information. I did however realise that I had little choice in the matter now. I had told Mistress that I would do this and indeed she had already extracted enough information from me at my last session at the HOD to ensure my compliance. I sent Mistress my Teamviewer log on details, there was no going back.

Just a few seconds later my cursor started to move around my screen. It is difficult for me to describe the feelings that surged through my body. Mistress now had access to everything. We were using the screen to chat via typing messages, each taking it in turns. Mistress told me that she was just having a little look around. She found my picture files (but not my personal favourites!), she found my email system and started to pull up pc management tools and password entry screens. I quickly realised that Mistress was far more skilled at IT than I am. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise considering how much younger she is than me and the fact that she spends so much of her time on line. It was a frightening revelation none the less. In the back of my mind I had always thought that I would be able to undo any changes that she made to my pc, now I was not so sure. I felt a wave of panic as I saw Mistress starting to change some access rights and passwords. I started to type a note on screen to Mistress to tell her that I was getting scared. But nothing happened. Mistress had locked my keyboard. I had lost all control of my own pc. I sent a text to Mistress asking what she was doing. (I knew full well that she was trying to take admin rights away from me, but I couldn’t just stand and watch without saying something). She responded to my texts with replies such as ‘just a few more minutes now’. I was powerless to stop her now. The cursor flew around the screen as she moved from task to task. I thought about turning off the power to my pc, but knew that if I did this she would be incredibly angry with me and that terrible punishment would be the only result. I found myself stood in my own workshop unable to prevent what was happening to me. Mistress was dominating me and enslaving me further still and I could do absolutely nothing about it. It was at this point that I noticed the pain in my pants. Mistresses property was rock hard in its cage and pre-cum was dribbling down my leg. I really did wonder if I was going to cum involuntarily. At that moment the screen went black. Now I couldn’t see anything that Mistress was doing. What was happening? Was she accessing my e mails, changing all of my passwords, accessing my social media? I sent another text but Mistress ignored me. A few moments later and the screen came back up. Mistress opened up the camera on my pc and then a notepad screen. I imagine that she took great pleasure in watching my expression as she started to type a note to me with the title ‘utterly fucked’. The note informed me that this was only the beginning that I needed to sort out some access password issues that she had encountered and that we would continue at a later date. She said ‘goodbye’ and signed out of team viewer.

I stood at my PC trying to process in my mind what had just happened. I tried to think how I might describe the teamviewer experience for this blog. The nearest comparison to anything else that I had experience before with Mistress was being tied up by her (which I adore). The process starts with you being made helpless when she ties your wrists, but this is only the beginning, progressively the bindings immobilise you more and more until you are totally powerless and vulnerable. This is how it felt. The moment that I sent her my teamviewer login and password she had pounced on my laptop and had taken control of it, and therefore me. This was a feeling of vulnerability like I had never known before.

I checked through my pc. Signed off and then back in again to check that all was ok. If Mistress had made any changes she had obviously reversed them again. All seemed ok. I packed up my laptop from the workshop and went into the house. I sat in my office and started to do some work, when out of the corner of my eye I saw my cursor moving around the screen. My phone pinged to tell me I had a text. I opened the text to find that Mistress had sent me a picture of myself sitting at my desk, she had been watching me! This is the difference with Teamviewer. You are vulnerable all of the time. Mistress has told me that she has been finding it to be so much fun, particular since she loaded it onto her phone as well. It brings a whole new dimension to distance control and general mind fuckery. It is what Mistress does best…

Two days later I found myself sat in my car outside the HOD. As is always the case I had absolutely no idea of the fate that awaited me. I had received my instructions earlier in the day for what I should do upon entering the HOD. I walked in to the dungeon and called out ‘good morning’, only to be corrected to ‘good afternoon’ by Mistress who was in the kitchen at the time. I recalled that I had made the same mistake last time and said something to the effect. ‘Stop the chit chat’ was the response I got. I placed a small donation towards Mistresses I Mac on the floor together with the snap links that I had been instructed to buy during my previous visit. I got undressed and knelt facing the mirror with head bowed and eyes closed as had been instructed. I heard footsteps behind me and Mistress started to blindfold me with, what felt like, some form of wide bandage material. Around and around my head it went, and then under my chin and over my head, and then around and around again. My world went black. I started to shake just a little as Mistress told me to stand and take 2 paces to my right. I was made to turn and then step back into the steel cage. Mistress locked the door shut and then instructed me to place my wrists through the bars in order that she could handcuff them. This was to be where I was to stay for the next hour whilst waiting for the next part of my session to commence. Mistress told me not to be concerned if I heard a conversation taking place in the lounge as Mistress Rea’l was still in the HOD following an earlier session. I was ordered to shout hello to Mistress Rea’l, which I did. And she kindly enquired how I was. And this is where I stayed until Mistress Deelight entered the dungeon and declared that I was going to help her today. Apparently I was to act as the camera man whilst she did a couple of custom video’s. Whilst it felt like something of a responsibility to undertake I did think it would be a lot of fun. Better still Mistress informed me that she was going to remove the cage from my device for the first custom, and if I did a good job she would leave it off for the second one also. It was now 9 weeks since the device had been removed and so the idea of being without it for a short time was wonderful.

At this point I was still blindfolded and handcuffed in the cage. I heard Mistress arrive and felt her unlock the padlock. I held my breath as she slid the cage off, but then I heard her gasp. She actually sounded rather distressed. Now I have to say that my cock is not big enough to distress anyone and so I wanted to know what the problem was. At this point I am going to shorten the story of what had happened for fear of upsetting anyone of a nervous disposition. Let me just say this. Unfortunately the device that I thought I was coping with so well had done some damage down below. I wasn’t completely surprised by this as I had experienced some discomfort with it in the week that Mistress had been laid up ill and I had blogged that ‘I had fallen out of love’ with the Chastity device. The problem was that the uncomfortable area was where the ring of the cage pushed up against my balls. Because of the shape of the device it was impossible for me to see what was going on. I really did think that it was ok. I expected Mistress to discover a small sore at worst and hopefully one that had healed up. Unfortunately we actually discovered a level of damage that was, for both of us, a shock. The outcome was that my session, so eagerly anticipated, finished right there. Mistress was wonderful about the whole thing and told me that we would reconvene when I had healed up and that I must contact her regularly re my progress. I will say here and now that there was nothing that Mistress could or should have done that would have prevented this from happening. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I should have asked Mistress to allow me to unlock myself when I was feeling sore. It was just that I thought that I was coping. I left and headed home.

Whilst I am still a bit freaked out and concerned about the physical damage done I am relatively relaxed about it. As long as I keep it clean and infection free it will heal and all should be fine (albeit with a lump to act as a lasting reminder). My bigger concern now is to do with my lifestyle. I have embraced distance control as a part of my daily life. The physical constraint that a chastity device provided was the distance control equivalent to bondage when in a session at the HOD. I suspect that I will not be able to wear a chastity device again, and so it is leading me re-evaluate. It is quite a big deal for me. Mistress does however  have me ‘by the balls’ in so many other ways and I know that she will help me through it. I will of course continue to blog on the subject as I get my head around it.

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