Testing the Humbler and Paddle from @GratefulPain

A few emails ago, GratefulPain.Co.UK  contacted me and asked if I would like to work with them to promote their wonderfully hand crafted BDSM implements.  Of course, I said, “Yes!” and agreed to be a tester and reviewer of their products.  The day after I gave my address,  I received a parcel from them.  I opened it today to discover a lovely hand crafted humbler and a wooden paddle.  My first thoughts were “These are really well made but the paddle doesn’t look too destructive”.  I was right about the quality of the goods but I was wrong about the damage the paddle could do!

Normally I would wait for a session to try these items out, however I suggested to my lovely Boyfriend that we test theM together.  He was reluctant as he prefers to give the pain rather than receive it, but after a bit of gentle persuasion (teasing) from me, he  agreed to participate in the experiment.  The humbler was quite tricky to put on initially.  Most humblers have their own unique way of being applied.  After a couple of trial and error attempts we succeeded in applying the device without the fear of castrating him! (note to grateful pain, I would suggest for those less experienced that you include instructions with this device).  Once the device was in place, nom nom! Balls were looking very juicy indeed and I felt it only appropriate to nibble at them as sensitive as they were ;)  I didn’t go so far as hurting my other half but were he one of my slaves, even the slightest slap would have made him drop to his knees.  They will add some sadistic fun to my future sessions and I will post back here as I introduce my submissive boys to them.

The next item, the paddle was intense.  I gently tapped my other halfs bottom with it and he flinched to the other side of the sofa! I told him he was being a baby so he offered to return the favour.  Of course, I agreed and OMG, a gentle tap was really all it took to make me wince!   2 Gentle whacks each and we both have reddened bottoms.  I simply cannot wait to bring this into a session and use it at full force!   The paddle is smooth and beautifully carved.  It looks too pretty to be painful but it is most definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing.