Thank you Jonny!

Here is a post to say a big thanks to Jonny who has very kindly gifted yet another gift certificate towards the bondage chair I am saving up for.  Jonny hasn’t even met me in person, but he follows my blog and admires my work, and so generously shows his appreciation.  Those of you who watch from afar should take note of this.  I work hard to keep my slaves entertained, and whilst many do show their appreciation, I know that going my site statistics, there are plenty of you who don’t!  So here is a gentle reminder as to what I am saving up for, for my dungeon.



This quality and stunning bondage chair from a company called Fetters.  This chair will add so much more to the equipment already here and has a multitude of uses.  Jonny will hopefully accept my gratitude and praise whilst humbly read in the future about many a session spent using the chair he has helped me to save for.  Wouldn’t you like to be part of that too?  If so please visit this link and purchase a gift certificate  send it to my email address and be sure to include a message so that I can thank you personally.  Any contribution to this project, small or large will always be gratefully received.

Once again, thank you Jonny.


Kisses, Miss Deelight x

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