The Dungeon Surfer

Back in my clutches, my former slave, learns that he is to be punished for a disgusting and despicable crime; Dungeon Surfing.  Since he was released from my ownership, the grovelling little worm has been working his way from one Mistress to another, going through more Dommes, than I’ve had hot dinners.  Recklessly and immorally sucking up to each one, showering them with complimentary words that masked devious intentions.  Oh yes, he had his own hidden agenda; to be recognised as one of the most filmed slaves in the Fetland.  Eagerly stalking, and grooming each Mistress, in order to get his 15 minutes of fame with the biggest names in the fetish porn industry.  Time to bring his down a peg or two!

After explaining to him the reasons for my bone picking, and him admitting his guilt,  I decided to play a game with the low-life Mistress abuser.  A game to teach the slithering slug, a lesson in loyalty and respect, that the Mistress chooses her slaves, not the way around.

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dungeon-surfer 3

Punished in succession with a leather paddle, flogger, tawse and a wooden paddle, receiving 20 strikes from each the wimp remembered his place and wished he’d never fucked up!

dungeon-surfer 6

But the game wasn’t over there, everyone who knows this slave, knows he is a pain slut, so my game wasn’t really a punishment, not that is…….

metal-chain-flogger 2

 ….until I reacquainted him with my infamous and unique, flesh tearing metal chain flogger; The Mother Fucker!

metal-chain-flogger 1

And just to make doubly sure the message had sunk in, I gave him one final, gentle (ahem!) bastinado based reminder, with my thin, stingy, nasty toy; The Bastard!

bastinado 4

The message hit home :-)

bastinado 8

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