The Hypnobot Storage Chamber – New Video Clip

This is the hypnobot storage facility. This is where my hypnobots are placed when they are not in use and not in service. They remain here until their services are required again. This could be days, weeks or months. They remain in the state of trance until required to report for duty once more. Whilst in storage they are more susceptible to my programming because of the level of trance they are in. They still remain in a constant state of arousal, though their mind is empty and brainwashed. This ensures that they are kept exactly as I want them to be. I can leave them here for any length of time because of the level of my expert programming. They do not feel hunger or required hydration because their body and mind is shut down, apart from the aroused genitalia. This storage facility also doubles up as a milking chamber, the process of which will be presented in another video.


technosexual_human_robot (1)


technosexual_human_robot (2)

Hypnobot Part 2 – The Storage Facility – Technosexual Mindless Brainwashed Human Robot

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