The Jekyll, Hyde and Taquin of Chastity

Today is a monumental day for Slave Taquin as he finally faces the click of the lock and hands over the proverbial keys (we used a precoded plastic lock) to his manhood.  And what a great way for me to start the day, by receiving the following letter which, in a roundabout way confirms that all my tormenting and teasing has once again been, undoubtedly on point.  As it always is.



Dear Mistress

Today you will lock me into Chastity for the first time. I wanted to write to you to tell you of my thoughts and fears but ended up writing three letters. The first is from ‘Strong Taquin’ the second from ‘Weak Taquin’ and the third from ‘Desperate Taquin’. In anticipation of this day I began to write this last week. At that time I was determined to tell you that I was ‘Strong Taquin’. As the days have passed I have progressed from ‘Strong’, to ‘Weak’ and yesterday I became ‘Desperate’. I do understand of course that I have no influence in what you do to me but thought you might find my progression amusing nonetheless.

A letter to Miss Deelight from ‘Strong Taquin’.

Dear Mistress

I am really looking forward to being put into Chastity. Please remember that I am a man. I am actually stronger than you might think. I know that I can endure denial for a long time. Whilst I might ask (even beg) to be allowed an orgasm I would like to ask you to ignore these requests and respond with the disdain that such a request would deserve. I would like you to use this opportunity in whatever way you choose to tease and torment me for as long as you wish. From this point on I am willing to accept that the only time that I can ever experience a proper orgasm again will be when you have my hands firmly tied. (I do of course understand that, for me, this will never be a guaranteed outcome of a session). Whilst I know that this will be an intense and challenging experience for me I will expect no mercy from my Mistress in its execution.

A letter to Miss Deelight from ‘Weak Taquin’.

Dear Mistress

I am feeling really scared about being put into Chastity. Please remember that I am only a man. I am therefore very weak. If the ability to touch myself is taken away from me completely it is possible that I might become so desperate that I will try to cheat and remove the device. Please could you bear this in mind and ensure that I couldn’t possibly do this without your knowledge. I do know that I will become overwhelmingly horny very quickly and that I wont be able to cope for as long as many of your slaves. Please be understanding if I say that it is getting to be more than I can deal with and do not leave it too long before you allow me an orgasm. I will do my best to not beg and bleat but please do not be too angry with me if I do. I hope that you will show me some mercy throughout what I know will be difficult stage in my training.
A letter to Miss Deelight from ‘Desperate Taquin’.

Dear Mistress

I am really worried about being put into Chastity. As you know you have denied me an orgasm for more than 3 weeks now. During that time you have teased and tormented me mercilessly. My need for an orgasm has got stronger and stronger throughout this period. This morning you told me that tomorrow will be the day when you lock me into chastity. This has tipped me over the edge. The feeling in my groin has become unbearable. I am now at my wits end Mistress. I am not even sure if I can cope without an orgasm this evening, let alone for some time after you lock me up tomorrow.  I have never been made to feel this desperate, by anyone, at any time in my life. I have committed to follow all instructions that you give me, and I really don’t want to let you down, but I am not sure that I am strong enough to cope. Please show me some mercy Mistress.

Slave Taquin



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