The Massage

Slave Arthur – a slave currently serving 3 weeks out of a minimum 3 months in chastity, offered to write me a story after we discussed his next session.  I thought I would share it with the rest of you.  Now bear in mind that this is just a story and very much wishful thinking for Slave Arthur, who is clearly clutching at straws with some of the words he has written.  Bless him! Oh well, he can dream; after-all, it’s me who holds both of his keys!  He will be visiting Deelight HQ this Friday for session number two.  He has at least got one thing right in his story, I won’t be using much energy at all! *Evil Laugh*

The Story:

“Good afternoon Mistress.”

“Hello slave, I hope you’ve been good since I last saw you”

“I have Mistress”

“No fiddling with anything that belongs to me?”

“No Mistress”

“No trying to pull out of your wank stopper?”

“No Mistress”

“Good, good. That’s what I like to hear”

He had not seen her for three weeks. Three weeks locked into the chastity device, with no access to any keys. Three weeks into what had been promised  as a minimum of a three months training programme to break his wanking habit.

She had insisted on using the term wanking rather than masturbation. Masturbation was something that she did for her pleasure, wanking was something he liked to do to relieve his dirty little desires.

After all the clitoris was the only organ in the human body totally devoted to pleasure: It was only there for pleasure, so pleasure it must get. The male orgasm was all about depositing sperm all over the place: – messy and dangerous.

She was determined that as far as orgasms were concerned, she would remain in total control of his. He didn’t know it yet, but it was going to quite a while longer than three months before he got what she was so good at making him want.

“Tonight slave”, she smiled that smile that was at once both sweetly innocent, and deliciously wicked, “You are going to do most of the work. I want a relaxing, leisurely full body massage. Now strip and let me examine you”

He undressed as commanded; she was sitting on the edge of the bed. He knelt in front of her.

“Stand up!. You don’t think  I’m going to bend over to examine you”

He stood up, and she carefully examined the cage around her penis, the ring around her balls, and the lock keeping it all in place, and preventing any form of erection or relief.

“Very good slave. Nice to see everything still nicely under my control. — Now I really don’t feel like expending too much energy today, and I’m certainly not having that cage off, and I really can’t have you enjoying this massage too much now can I?”

“No mistress”

“Good. Hands behind your back, eyes closed”

She carefully reached inside the cage with her finger tips and rolled his foreskin back to expose the head of his frustrated penis, which she proceed to cover with a generous coating of deep heat. She also applied a generous coating to his balls.

“You may commence the massage now slave”

She stood up so that he could undress her. He had not seen her body before, and a combination of her beautiful curves, and the fact that he had been fully caged for three weeks, soon had the blood flowing into his penis. This had the effect of increasing the burning sensation from the deep heat to a more intense and uncomfortable level.

She lay down on her stomach, and sighed “You may now begin”

He oiled his hands, bent over, kissed the back of her neck, and began to massage the scented oils into her neck and shoulder. Gently squeezing and releasing the neck muscles.

He kissed her back, and smoothed oil into it, moving gradually lower.

He kissed her buttocks, and smoothed more oil into those delicious curves. “Shouldn’t have thought of that” he thought as the blood flow to his caged penis increased and the deep heat kicked him again.

Carefully avoiding getting any oil into her more sensitive areas, he moved on to massage oil into one leg, then the other. Lifting one of her legs, he kissed her feet, and massaged them, gently kneading the area behind her toes. He did the same for the other leg.

He then moved all the way up her body again. Gently rubbing in the oil, and once more kissing areas as he reached them .

“Would you like to turn over now Mistress?” he asked.

“Not yet slave. I’m enjoying that. Do it all over again”

He did.

She turned over and lay on her back. Arms stretched out lazily above her. Eyes closed. Head to one side.

He kissed her neck, and gave each nipple in turn, a few soft licks, kisses and sucks, before repeating the same massage process.

Kiss, oil, smooth in, move down a bit. Finish the feet and start the return journey.

He had now returned to her neck. She was still laying relaxed, arms above her head, eyes closed.

He kissed her neck, her breasts, paused to suck and kiss her nipples and gently flick them with his tongue.

He gradually moved lower and lower with his kisses: Her abdomen, the mound of Venus.

She opened her legs, and he began to kiss the top of her thighs and vaginal lips.

He ran his tongue along the opening of her pussy, and began to caress her clitoris with his tongue.

Slowly and gently at first, occasionally pausing to run his tongue along that crease, gently suck her clitoris, kiss it, or blow gently on it.

He could feel her muscles relaxing when he paused, and tensing again when he re-started.

After a while he could feel that she was getting more aroused as her juices began to lubricate the entire area. – He loved the taste of these, and wondered if it was possible to collect them.

She began to moan softly as her arousal level increased. He upped the tempo of his licking, increased the  pressure slightly, and made the pauses shorter.

It wasn’t long after that her orgasm hit. He could see the ripples along her abdomen, and he slowed the stimulation. She began to move her arms down, and he stopped. Moved away a few inches, and remained still and on his knees, gently kissing her thighs as she savoured the moment.

She spoke

“Not bad for a first attempt slave. I may let you do that again one day, but in the meantime, there are other things to do. –Stand up”

He did, and she applied another dose of deep heat to his glans and balls.

“Stay there while I get dressed” she commanded

He waited, as the burning intensified.

She returned.

“Now slave, as I said, I don’t intend to use very much energy at all today. – Follow me”

She led him to the kitchen.

“I have some clothes to wash and a floor that needs a good old fashioned hands and knees scrubbing. – So come on my little scrubber. – Washing first”

As  he washed she came up behind him

“Do you like being my slave?” she whispered, adding “Not that I care”

“Yes I do Mistress”

“That’s the right answer” she said, and she reached round behind him and began to fondle his nipples.

He began to gasp. His nipples had always been hard wired to his cock, and as a result of this fondling, was trying very hard to become erect. The deep heat kicked in again. She seemed to know what effect this was having. “I do hope you’re not enjoying this too much save” she cooed

After a while she stopped.

“I’ve had enough of that. I’m going to sit down and read for a while. Call me when the washing is finished.

Gradually the burning subsided, and the washing pile reduced.


“I’ve finished the washing Mistress” he called.

She returned, showed him where the bucket and floor brush were, and instructed him on what cleaning solution to use.

“We start furthest from the door and work our way toward it. Now put the bucket in position, and get down on your hands and knees”

She tied his cage tightly to back of the collar round his neck, which pulled his balls clearly, and uncomfortably into view behind him.

Taking a small hand shaped smacker she sat on his back with her legs astride him.

“You may start” she said, giving his balls a sharp slap.

He began, scrubbing hard.

Again she reached around to fondle his nipples for a few moments. He made the mistake of slowing a little and gasping, which was rewarded with another smack to the balls.

“The nipple fondling as a reward for working well. It is not license to show that you’re enjoying the fondling more than the work” she snapped.

The cycle of nipple fondling and ball slapping continued as she rode him while he scrubbed the floor.

Eventually the floor  was washed.

“Not bad slave, not bad at all” I have a little reward for you before you go. A little something I’ve been saving for you all day.

She brought from the fridge four glasses of amber liquid.

“Here we are” she said, “I want each glass drunk down in one, and who knows, maybe next time, I’ll let you have some that’s really fresh”

She watched him drink all four glasses.

“Ok, now wash up the glasses and go and get dressed. Present yourself to me in the bedroom when you are dressed”.

He did as ‘requested’.

“Anything to say slave”

“Thank you for continuing my training Mistress, It was a pleasure to serve you”

“Of course it was. Of course. You may go now slave: And I think that since it is now coming  into spring, it would be a good idea if you brought  some stinging nettles with you next time”

He left with a distinct expression of concern on his face.

She smiled to herself. “This one has potential” she thought.



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