The Next Level – By Slave Taquin

Question: How can two and a half hours pass by so quickly

Answer: Spend it with Miss Deelight!

Today’s session came ‘hot on the heels’ of Mistress posting my latest blog. There were 4 notable things from that Blog that need to be recalled for this one.

Firstly I disclosed the fact that I had been considering providing Mistress with my true identity. Why? Because I love being totally owned by her.

Secondly I disclosed the fact that we had agreed that I should be required to sign a contract that summarised our roles in this relationship.

Thirdly that I had failed to provide the blog when it was required.

Fourthly Mistress had picked up on the fact that when I did eventually submit the blog I had failed to mention the self-inflicted beating that she had instructed I should carry out a few days earlier.

These four things combined could only mean one thing. I was going to be in big trouble for today’s session.

Mistress didn’t hide the fact that I was in big trouble either. In fact she revelled in it. In her introduction to my last blog she explained that I was going to be punished. In the texts I received before today’s session I was told I should be very scared (she even sent me a video via I message that confirmed this fact!) and this morning she tweeted with hash tag ‘torture’. Now I know there are some slaves or sissies who would actually relish the fact that Mistress was going to torture them. I am not one of them however. I really dont like pain at all, I do however recognise the important role that it plays in our relationship to ensure my good behaviour. I was therefore genuinely scared when I arrived at the HOD. And it wasn’t just the fact that I was going to be punished that scared me. I also suspected that Mistress might want me to follow through on my fantasy about giving her my personal details. I still wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to do this.

And so I entered the front door of the HOD with even more trepidation than normal. It was now a full 5 weeks since Mistress had placed the padlock on my chastity device and sent me away to suffer. I was desperate for an orgasm. Having locked the door behind me I walked into the HOD and said good morning to Mistress. She instantly corrected me with ‘good afternoon’ (she was of course correct) and said ‘strip’. Today was obviously not going to be a day for idle chit chat!. I did as instructed and Mistress ordered me to sit in the restraining chair in the dungeon room. She strapped my legs and body securely into the chair. My arms however proved more difficult. Mistress knows that I am something of a wriggler and will free myself if allowed to try. Having tried the leather straps in a couple of positions Mistress decided that I should have my wrists handcuffed and chained to the leather strap securing my torso. This certainly did the job. No amount of wriggling was going to allow me to free myself. Once happy that I couldn’t escape she put the broad leather strap, that prevents any vision, across my face and secured my head to the chair back. Mistress then left me to consider my impending fate for an hour whilst she went about her daily tasks.

My sessions often start these days with an hour of restraint with just the regular visits from Mistress to check that I am OK. I enjoy this. As time progresses however I become less and less comfortable and look forward to being released, whilst at the same time becoming more and more apprehensive and wishing that time would slow down. Today’s hour passed far too quickly however and before I knew it Mistress arrived and informed me that she was gathering what she needed for our session. I heard her bring some items down from upstairs and wheel the trolley over in front of me. She informed me that she had everything that she needed and that I was going to spend the rest of the session strapped and blindfolded in the chair. I suspect I started to tremble as I could feel and hear the crocodile clips being attached to my chastity device. I knew what was about to happen and braced myself for the first shock. Nothing happened. Mistress enquired if I could feel anything to which I had to answer no. For a moment I thought about lying but knew that this would not help my situation once she inevitably realised the truth. After a couple more attempts Mistress decided that this was not going to work and moved to plan B. I felt her stick the electrodes to my balls. At least I got a moment of pleasure from this brief touch and my cock tried to burst through the stainless steel bars of my cage.

The next sensation surprised me. Mistress had brought the vibrator down from upstairs and had started to apply it to my cage and my balls. Mistress teased me with it for a while before starting to explain what was about to happen to me. Firstly she explained that I was going to be punished today for failing to complete my blog in time and failing to contact her at the time to explain my reasons. She then went on to explain that I was going to be made to tell her my personal details. Specifically I was going to tell her my full name, my address, my business name, my wife’s name, and my best friends details. My head was now spinning. Was I really going to tell her these things? And before I could consider this further she went on to inform me that we were then going to review the proposed contract that she had made me send her in order that she could amend it as required. All of this whilst I was strapped to the chair with electrodes attached to my balls and a vibrator working away on my device.

The pleasant sensation from the vibrator was quickly replaced by the piercing pain of my first electric shock. I tried to jump from the chair but was unable to move. I strained in my bonds as the next shocks were delivered. Mistress explained again about the need to blog when required and to never miss a deadline again. I writhed as further shocks were delivered over and over again. I too have no safe word agreed with Mistress. She knows just how far to push me. Today she pushed me to the limit.

Once my punishment was over Mistress reduced the intensity and started again to work on me with the vibrator. As she brought me closer and closer to orgasm she explained that I was now going to start divulging my personal information. She explained that once I had done so I would be totally at her mercy from that point onwards. Before long I was begging her to remove the vibrator as I knew I was close to going over the edge. I had never been made to cum in the cage before and really feared that it might be a terribly painful experience. To make matters worse Mistress informed me that she was going to keep going with the vibrator unless I told her what she needed to know. If I didn’t tell her she would keep going for just long enough to ensure a ruin, at which time our session would be over and I would be sent home still locked in my cage until recommencing at the next session in 4 weeks time. Before long I had to beg her to stop. She said ‘full name’. I hesitated, and a shock ripped through my balls. ‘Full name’ she said again as another shock hit me. I blurted out my name and she said ‘good boy’ as she wrote it on her pad. What on earth am I doing I thought to myself as she resumed with the vibrator. Over the next hour or so Mistress tortured and teased from me everything that she wanted to know. I really did try to resist at times but she would not give up until my submission was complete. I felt exhausted by the time Mistress put down her notepad and told me to expect all details to be fully checked and verified.

Mistress then sat opposite me and started to read the contract that I had sent her which was on her I pad. As contracts go I have to say that it is the most one-sided document that I have ever known. But then so is this relationship! She rested her feet in my lap and played with my nipples with her toes. It really was a most erotic experience. I think it was at this point that I think I realised that I had reached the most submissive mental state that I had ever experienced before. I had been teased and tortured, revealed information that ensured my enslavement and was now having a slave contract read to me as Mistress laughed at its contents (whilst changing it to be even more in her favour). Inevitably I agreed all of the changes proposed and Mistress, happy with her work, went to work with the vibrator once again. As I moved ever closer to orgasm she enquired how much I wanted to cum. The answer was that I desperately needed to cum. I asked her to remove the chastity device in order that I could. Mistress informed me that the only orgasm that I was going to receive today was whilst still being locked in my device. By this point I really didn’t care how or where I should orgasm, it just had to happen. I said ‘yes please Mistress’ and she moved the vibrator to the precise spot where she knows it will tip me over the edge. And that is exactly what happened. The orgasm was prolonged and intense. on and on it went whilst Mistress held the vibrator in place. It didn’t hurt at all. It was just a fabulous release. I was amazed to realise that my two and a half hours with Mistress were over. Doesn’t time fly!

I showered and we said our goodbyes and I went on my way. I felt drained, elated, excited, numb and confused. It had been such an intense experience. Later that evening I sent a text to Mistress to thank her for the session and to tell her that it was one of the best sessions I have ever experience.

Finishing this blog the following day as I am I would like to correct that statement. It was actually the best session I have ever had, with anyone. I am still not quite sure why but I am still on a huge high. Thank you Mistress.


I know that the only reason that Miss Deelight forced me to divulge my personal information to her today was because we had communicated about it in advance. As I know to my cost, if you open the door just a little she will quite rightly barge straight through it. I have known her for long enough now to trust her implicitly. The moral here is that Miss Deelight can always be relied upon to act in a professional and ethical manner, but just be careful what you wish for!

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