The Pathetic Wanker and the Goddess

This week I have granted a new pet the honour of a week-long distance control contract.  One of his tasks, set in order to keep his mind on me whilst he was at work, was to write a poem based on the above title.  You will get to read his journal once he has completed his week.  The very well written poem amused me greatly.  A task passed with flying colours!

As instructed for my task today I have written you a poem.

I present for your approval – The Pathetic Wanker and the Goddess.

In rooms dark, illuminated by porn,
The pathetic wanker wanks eve ’til morn.
Cock hard and desperate, cums frequent,
A need satiated – nought to prevent.
Yet still the base wanker wonders hopeful –
Is there a possible life more noble?
Weak willed, led by his cock: needs assistance.
Decided! This wanker needs a Mistress!

Down from her throne does a Goddess descend,
Miss Deelight – stunning, all hopes transcend!
However, which sphere does this Goddess dwell?
Seems equal mix high heav’n and evil hell.
Voice sweet, lovely visage most appealing,
But thoughts cruel, actions mean, has men kneeling.
Lucky slave to have the Goddesses’ time,
Needs controlling, firmly kept in line.

Messages sent, the wanker enraptured.
Control introduced: cock is surrendered.
Orgasms stolen and cumming no more,
A new way of life for the wanking whore.
Frustration instead of satisfaction,
Pleasing Goddess must drive every action.
The pathetic wanker given purpose:
Perfect Goddess to worship in earnest.

What now for the fortunate humble slave?
Conflicting strong desires – will he cave?
Days of devotion and deep frustration,
Writhing and squirming and ruination.
A few days at least, highly delightful –
Devoted to Goddess, ever grateful.
Goddess is a powerful, playful, tease,
The wanker craves more, but needs his release!

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