The things you’d do, to please me…..

Look at me slave, lying here on my bed in all my PVC and thigh high boots.  I look so sexual, you so badly want to be lying there with me, touching me, caressing me.  But there is only one way you will ever even come close to doing so, and that is by doing the things I want you to do, things you wouldn’t normally do; things you find uncomfortable.  And this is what I want you to do; I want you to get your lips around my big rubber cock and suck it.  Does that feel good?  Mmmmm yeah, now I want you to imagine that it is real cock.  OH Yes! Does that make your cock hard; the thought of me, making you suck a real cock?  Of course it does, don’t deny it!  You only live once, so why not live dangerously?  Come here like a good little bitch and imagine your are sucking real cock for me, because you know how much it will please me, how horny it will make me…..

Forced Bi – Strap-on Tease and Seduction

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