Unable to Resist – Slave Taquin is Back in Chastity!

Slave Taquin was due to start an 8 month period of chastity starting in September. In order to commit to his fate and have no chance of escape, he has already paid upfront for 8 separate monthly sessions. But as Taquin is learning, he simply can’t control his own cock and has once again returned to being the prolific wanker he was before his last period of control.  Unfortunately for him, his own hand no longer gives him the pleasure that I can skilfully and expertly provide so he has returned to his locked and painful state, early! Here is what he has to say about it….


This really is not what I thought would happen. I finished my period of distance control with Miss Deelight at the end of April. Those that followed my progress over the proceeding 6 months will know that it was not easy for me. I had been teased and tormented throughout and found myself dominated and controlled by Mistress in a way that I wouldn’t have thought possible. Once it had come to its fabulous conclusion I reflected on my experiences, the ups and the downs, and decided that I would never regret having done it. I also decided that I would probably never do it again. Instead I would remain a loyal Slave to Miss Deelight attending the HOD for sessions when the opportunity and finances permitted it.

Why is it then that I find myself writing this at the end of July wearing my chastity device that is locked with a coded lock that Mistress has a photo of ?

The answer to this can be found in what it felt like for me returning to normal life after my release in April. The reality is that, if I am not with Mistress, the only person responsible for my pleasure is me. Once I had experienced the sensations that Mistress treated me to I realised that nothing else could ever come close.  In between sessions with Mistress I found myself trying to give myself pleasure too frequently and with really disappointing results. We agreed that the only solution lay in me being made to wear a chastity device between sessions and for it only to be removed once Mistress has my hands safely secured whilst at the HOD. September was chosen as the start date for this new arrangement and it was to last for 8 months. It all felt far enough away for me not to worry about it too much. A few weeks ago I decided that it would be a good idea to start wearing the chastity device again to ensure that I did not suffer any of the chafing problems experienced the first time around. First I wore it for a morning, then a day , then a couple of days and then I came up against a problem. I found that wearing it made me think of Mistress the whole time. That inevitably led me to removing the device and providing myself with a (disappointing) orgasm. As hard as I tried I could not wear it for more than 4 days without caving in. It was time to ask Mistress for help. She seems most pleased by my weakness and has helped me in her own wonderful style. I am now locked into the device with a plastic coded lock that she has a picture of. I know that, were I to remove it now, I would be severely punished at my session next week.

I saw a tweet recently that Mistress Rea’l had re-tweeted from a Dom based in Vancouver by the name of Miss Jasmine that sums up my situation  very elegantly. It illustrates the Cycle of a Submissive. Basically it goes like this:

Submit, Go ‘too far’, Get Scared, Run Away, Pretend, Crawl Back, Submit etc etc

It appears that I have just Crawled Back, Submitted, Got Scared, but I now have no chance of Running Away!

 As I write this the reality of my predicament has begun to sink in. I am locked in my device again  with no prospect of touching my cock until April of next year. It is my hope that Mistress is kind enough to me during this period to provide me with the pleasure that I crave at our sessions.

I probably should have read her intro to Slave Dribbly’s blog this morning before committing again to the journey just embarked on. It is a timely reminder of how this works. From this point on I am totally at the mercy of the wonderful Miss Deelight. It is a truly exciting but terrifying prospect.

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