Updates and a Message to Derek H….

While I have been consciously aware of the fact that I am immensely behind in posting distance control journals and sessions write-ups, from my slaves, it has been brought to my attention and reminded me (with thanks to YOU,  Derek H, who also happened to drop Slave Taquin in the proverbial shit, when he told me about the messages he’d received on Twitter from you) that there are great fans of this website and the contained writings.  With that in mind, what will follow over the coming days, will be a thorough catch up of the missing entries.  However, since I’ve been too busy to post the updates because I like to include an introduction, I am even less likely to find the time to post them with introductions now as that will require reading over all the reports again, therefore I will be posting them as they are.  No introductions and no grammatical checks. I like to think that this will start me with a clean sheet so that I can continue in future, with posting my own comments in addition to the reports.  (Again, probably unlikely due to aforementioned busy schedule! – Are there any slaves out there with WordPress knowledge who would like to be my blog admin slave?)

Derek H, you really should introduce yourself to me and not to my lowly slaves!  Afterall, were it not for me, they would have nothing to report.