Waitress Tiffany Taylor

In order to avoid a jail sentence, Tiffany Taylor has been sent to the R’eal Deelight correction center to be put to work as an elite waitress and service maid at a soiree between Myself, Mistress R’eal and TV Mistress Sophie Luvs.  Dressed in her new outfit, Tiffany learned to serve champagne, hang out laundry as well as receiving intensive training on how to walk, talk and act like a sissy slut.  A correctional spanking was in order to be sure that Tiffany knew what fate awaited her if she didn’t perform to standard.  A celebratory game of spin the bottle ensued; Tiffany had to spin the bottle. Whomever it landed on would then pick a number matching to a task on a list, and Tiffany would then perform the tasks, which included a catwalk show, dancing, cock sucking, strap on fucking, penis pumping, further spanking and a photo-shoot among other things.  Click the images below to view Tiffany’s day as a maid and to see the fun we have when we party.

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