Weak, Spellbound, Hypnotised, Mine! – New Fetish Clip!

Here is something for my hypno-slaves. Prepare to be quickly spellbound and mildly entranced by the queen of erotic hypnosis. My glossy red lips, hypnotic eyes and gentle soft seductive voice will pull you in at super speed. Hello. I think that it’s about time that you became mine. I know that you’ve got a wife or girlfriend, but they’re not me are they? The more you look into my eyes, the more you watch my lips moving, the weaker you become. And it really doesn’t take much for me to lure you in. All I need to do is seduce you. Seduce…. And that isn’t hard to do at all. Weaker. Weaker. What are you looking at? WHAT! Are you looking at? Where are your eyes going, right now? Are they on my eyes? Are they on my lips? Or are they on my breasts? Weaker. Weaker. Yes! Slowly, you are becoming mine. Because I am drawing you in. The weaker you become, the stronger my power over you, becomes. The weaker you become, the harder your cock grows. Yeah, you have never felt your cock so hard. You’ve never been so excited. The Thrill. The Rush as my power over you grows stronger. Because you are so weak. You are just a weak male. Completely spellbound and mesmerised. And it happened JUST like that! Clip contains video ghosting, mesmerisation, finger snaps and binaural beats. This is a mild lulling clip which doesn’t contain a full hypnotic induction or post hypno triggers.

g84a4456-00_01_42_17-still031Available in my clip stores now!

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