What a Silly Traffic Warden……

Once upon a time, there was a total PIG of a traffic warden.

Whilst I was struggling to load a desk into my car, in my vanilla state, outside of my own studio, a traffic warden with a chip on his shoulder, (big enough to supply the entire UK MacDonalds food chain, might I add) gave me a parking ticket.  I was there less than 5 minutes, single blips on the curb which mean it is permissible within reason to load and unload if the distance is a problem and to top it all it happened on that horrible day when Mr. Deelight was involved in that RTA on the M5.

Well, Mr. Up your Arse, Pig Face, Traffic Warden (all the others in the area are lovely), I have a little message for you and you can watch it here….. I do traffic cop Waaaaaaaaaay better than you!


Thank you OwnedbyMD for the sexy new outfit and the new light for my studio, which happens to be perfect!

For the rest of you, this Traffic Cop Deelight has been on your case, catching you speeding not once but twice.  WHat’s more, I know the woman in the car with you isn’t your wife, I do yoga with your wife.  Your life is about to become a lot more complicated! New video coming soon!