What a very lucky Slave I am! – Slave Taquin Returns

Written by Slave Taquin after his return to the House of Deelight….


This was to be my first session at the HOD since Mistress had released me from my chastity device at the end of my distance control contract in April. That session was still clear and bright in my memory. Mistress had brought 6 months of teasing and tormenting to a thunderous and wonderful conclusion. Unfortunately since that day my sexual needs had become my own responsibility and I had returned to living with a lack of excitement and disappointing orgasms.

I sent Mistress an e mail that talked of this and the fact that I now realised that she was the only person who could make me experience the sensations that I craved. I concluded with the confession that I wanted to experience what it would be like if she was the only person who would ever touch my cock and therefore the only person who could provide me with an orgasm. The logical and inevitable outcome of this was that I should be locked in a chastity device between sessions, with Mistress as the keyholder. This fills me with both fear and excitement. I know that Mistress can be both incredibly kind but can also be cruel and uncompromising when she so chooses. This new arrangement will start in September and from that point forward I will be totally at her mercy both during and between sessions. I also realised that I couldn’t possibly wait until September to see Mistress again and so I contacted her to discuss opportunities to meet.

Once a session date was confirmed Mistress sent me a text banning me from orgasm from that point on. Worse still she told me that I was to edge myself every night until the session. With the session more than a fortnight away I knew that Mistress had just ensured that my attention would be well and truly focused on her for the foreseeable future.

On the day of the session I arrived outside the HOD with a few minutes to spare. I was consumed with excitement and, as always, some trepidation.I turned on my phone and checked for texts. There was one from Mistress. It told me to enter the HOD, go straight upstairs to the bathroom and strip. I was then to go to the bedroom to collect rope before returning downstairs to the dungeon room where I was place the rope and my tribute on the floor and then to kneel with my hands behind my back and await Mistresses arrival. If I wasn’t shaking before I read this I certainly was now.

I entered the HOD and locked the front door behind me. Was I meant to shout hello or just go straight upstairs? I decided to stay silent and just do as I was told. And so within a few minutes I was back downstairs kneeling as instructed with my hands behind my back. I was facing the mirror and therefore saw Mistress enter the dungeon room in its reflection. She looked absolutely stunning dressed as she was in the black lingerie and leather corset that I had first seen her wearing on a Twitter post a few days earlier. Mistress lent down behind me, her body now tantalisingly close to mine, and quickly clamped shut a pair of handcuffs around my wrists. I have never experienced being constrained by handcuffs before. They felt cold, hard and totally inescapable. For me this was a absolute bliss. Mistress then allowed me to briefly experience the sensation I had craved most over the previous weeks. She held my cock and started to tease it. When she thought I had received enough of this particular pleasure she slowly and steadily used the rope I had brought down to ensnare me further with a body harness. As she worked it into position around my genitals she declared that she intended to shave me to make things a bit easier. This came as a complete surprise! I have never shaved that area in my life. Mistress inquired if I had a problem with her shaving me. My brain was telling me that I did have a big problem with the idea, but I couldn’t for the life of me decide what or why that might be. Mistress could sense my concern and inquired what was troubling me. I tried to come up with a sensible answer but struggled to construct one. She then inquired how badly I wanted an orgasm (with that look on her face that told me that she was not about to take no for an answer). That was settled then. I was about to be shaved.

And so before long I found myself standing in the bath with my hands still shackled behind my back and Mistress brandishing firstly a pair of sharp scissors and then a razor. I was to put it mildly nervous! I didn’t need to be. Mistress went about the task with care and was obviously taking pride in doing a good job. In the end I rather enjoyed the experience. And this is one of the many things that I love about Mistress Deelight. I place my trust in her and she allows me to experience sensations and experiences I had never even considered before.

Once Mistress was happy with her work with the razor I was instructed to make my way to the bedroom where I was securely strapped to the bed. This has been the scene of both pain and pleasure in the past. I never know what awaits me. Today Mistress sat on top of my legs looking down on me. This is when I realised how lucky I was. I was strapped helpless on the bed whilst the frankly gorgeous Miss Deelight looked down on me and worked away at my cock. I was in heaven! And this is why I only ever want Mistress to touch my cock again. She can take me to the edge of orgasm and hold me there desperate to cum whilst making me beg for a happy ending in a way that no one else ever has. And when she finally did take me over the edge I realised that all of the waiting and endless edging had been worthwhile. Mistress provided me another fabulous orgasm that just seemed to go on and on and on. What a very lucky Slave I am!

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