Whipped Into Sub Space

In all my time of being a Dominatrix, there is now one thing that is going to stick in my mind and amuse me for years to come, more so than any other experience within this profession; the sight of a broken Sissy Mouse on his hands and knees reversing into a cubbyhole under the stairs.  It really was a sight to behold and I still chuckle each time I think about it.  Read on for Sissy Mouse’s version of events:

Stunned, silenced, broken but very proud….

That is how I left the House of Deelight after my recent session with Mistress.

After what for me was an extended hiatus of many weeks I returned to the HOD looking forward as always to seeing Mistress and the general fun and mayhem that our sessions bring. The sessions starts with me being granted an early arrival and have a very nice chat and catch up with Mistress and to discuss some things regarding future sessions, which as I always forget I have them written down this time.

We are having a nice chat about this and that when Mistress looks at her watch and her tone changes. The session has now started and I am instructed to go upstairs undress and return. I duly do as I am told and I am informed of my first task which is to phone a beauty salon that I have researched to enquire if they will carry out treatments on a man ie manicure, pedicure and a make up session for our upcoming public humiliation session. I ring the number with the phone on speaker so Mistress can hear the response. I make my enquiry and the lady on the phone tells me it will be no problem at all and when would I like to book? I inform her it won’t be for a few weeks and once I have some dates I will call and confirm. All very professional just like getting your colour checked at Boots!!

Now its time for the session to start, Mistress is still wearing her normal clothes and says she needs to change. Don’t change on my behalf Mistress was my reply. I know some people need their Mistress to wear latex, leather or pvc but I don’t. I submit to the person not their clothes. So its was a first for Mistress to do a session in jogging bottoms, vest top, hoodie and desert boots and I am happy to have any of my future sessions with Mistress wearing whatever she wants.


First part of the session involved being parcel wrapped bent over then an anal plug was inserted and tied with rope to the ceiling (this was a very strange sensation) and the pig mask was put on my head to make me as Mistress said “pulled pork” much oinking later and some bottom warming spanks I am released and instructed to bend over the bench.

Today’s visit is mainly a cp session and wasn’t it ever! Many implements in sets of 12,18 or 24 however not as many as previously due to me struggling a little because I never managed to get a good position on the bench. However my bum was still sore until the Friday after the session. After a good while Mistress releases me and I get a drink of water and return.

Mistress now has the next stage up her sleeve, the single tail whip. I am instructed to stand in front of the stairs and put my head down and whack!!! OMFG Mistress has used this on me before but it never hurt like it did today. I am trying to count and thank Mistress but I can’t keep up the sting is just too great and I start doing a little dance to try and deal with the pain. After about 15 I get two in the same spot one after the other and I just drop to my knees with the pain. Mistress instructs me to get up and whips my already sore bum. I don’t know what to do or where to go and all I can think is run away so I reverse myself under the stairs and try to hide. This amuses Mistress greatly and gives me a short breather while she gets her camera. After a few minutes Mistress tells me to get out and stand up for some more. I don’t want to but do as I am told. However several more and I am on my knees again with Mistress whipping me on the bum again and telling me to get up and bump I drop into subspace. I get up and take a few more and Mistress stops as she knows I have had enough! I drop to my knees again feeling absolutely broken. I have never ever felt so pushed beyond what I though I could take until now. All I can do is hug the support for the stairs and thank Mistress for pushing me.

Mistress suggests a get some water and have a little calm down before we continue. All I can do at this stage is just nod I’m completely stunned and have lost the ability to speak.

The session ends with some post session hypnosis with Mistress taking me on a journey to complete relaxation and a mind blowing orgasm which is my first one at the HOD since October last year!

We have a post session chat whilst I help Mistress tidy up, gather my things and leave with Mistress taunting me about my task for the next day.

So to sum up Mistress wearing normal clothes did not detract from the pain, suffering and amazing session that we had. I cannot describe how proud I feel to take what Mistress gave me and to serve her in anyway she sees fit.

“As a quick footnote I would like to add that Mistress and I don’t play with a safeword. I get what I am given this was discussed well over a year ago. I trust Mistress explicitly and not having a safeword has resulted in me going much further than I ever would have imagined. Mistress knows how to read me and when I have had enough much better than I do. It’s not something I would recommend for everyone. It’s just our thing and it means I never know what I am getting and I am never in control which to me is the whole point of true submission. I cant say no!


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