Why My Mistress Calls Me Pet – By Slave Taquin

Well all my slaves have been very busy lately, volunteering pieces of writing to submit to my blog, much to my approval. Here is Slave Taquin’s early morning musing…

One thing I have noticed is that Mistress sometimes calls me ‘Pet’. I do like it when this happens and find it quite exciting. I have been trying to work out why this is. I think the answer is this. A pet is something that we have much affection for but it is definitely inferior to its owner. A pet needs to be trained to behave in an appropriate and acceptable manner. It needs limits and boundaries to lead a full and happy life and these should be consistently enforced. It should be rewarded for good behavior but sometimes it has to be punished. A pet responds best to punishment that is firm and measured rather than uncontrolled outbursts. Ultimately a well trained pet will love its owner and reward them for their kindness, it will always be faithful and will protect its owner at all costs. Whilst I myself have no desire to crawl around on all fours and bark during a session I do like to think that my relationship with Mistress is somewhat like that of a well trained pet with his owner. I am wagging my metaphoric tail currently!

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