Willing To Serve?

Being a thoughtful Mistress, (take note Slaves),  I thought it would be an idea to get your little, submissive minds racing and your loins stirring with a section dedicated to Erotic Fiction and Fantasy.  To get the ball rolling I have invited guest writer ‘RB’ to write the first story on this site.  Thank you, RB for sharing your story, Willing to Serve….

John, a middle-aged Professional in a long-term relationship, good job, house and dog.

A member of John’s team is leaving and he decides to buy her some nice perfume, each Friday he works in a London office in Knightsbridge and decides to buy the gift from Harrods.

Venturing around the vast hall he finds the Chanel counter and is met by a smiling lady who helps him make his choice.  John cannot help but to observe this lady, her movement, her voice and her manner captivates him, he makes a mental note of her name badge…. Caroline.

As the days pass, he finds that for some reason he cannot get the image of Caroline from his mind, this lady in her late thirties or early forties, her voice, her eyes; Every Friday John visits Harrods and buys something from the Chanel counter, just to be served by Caroline, he now has the courage to greet her by her name and make small talk. She suggests some new products and offers some samples that she places into the bag. On the way out, John puts the receipt in his wallet and notices handwriting on it.

Are you willing to serve?
An address in Mayfair
Visit at 8.30 on Friday evening, do not be late

Prove you’re worth buy bringing the following items:
Black silk stockings from Agent P
Black corset from Honour
Black thigh high boots

The list was very detailed, with specific items, sizes and where to purchase.  John’s heart starts to pound and he finds himself forgetting about work, something that up to now has been the biggest thing in his life, the responsibility and decision-making that comes with his position.  He studies the list and plans his route, criss-crossing London to obtain each item, he becomes thrilled as the items are gathered, the collection of pink and black bags.

The hours seem to drag in to days and slowly Friday arrives. Unable to focus, mind racing, he leaves the office early.  At home he checks each item meticulously and ticks off the list, studying the handwriting and tracing his route to the Mayfair address.  He books a cab and loads the bags. Arriving at the mansion block, he opens the note and waits until 8.30 before pressing bell number 8.  Seconds later the door clicks open, his heart is pounding, mouth dry, he gathers the bags and walks into the opulent lobby, up the stairs and along the hall to reach number 8.  His pulse now racing, he can hear his own heartbeat, a gentle knock, the sound of heels and click; the door opens.

John is greeted by a tall blonde in her early twenties, dressed in black stockings and leather corset, hair pulled back in a pony tail, “come with me” she whispers.

He is led to a large, candle-lit room and sits near a window with the various bags scattered around his legs.  Moments later a figure moves from the corner of the room, “Good evening John, I am pleased that you were prompt and it looks like you have been successful.  Have you been successful?”

John tries to speak but his mouth is too dry.  He focuses in the dim light, the figure is Caroline, that voice, that manner, she is dressed in a long coat, a very expensive long coat.  She sits opposite him; the tall blonde collects the bags, one by one.  “Would you like a drink, make yourself comfortable, have you managed to obtain every item, well done.”  Caroline stands, moves towards John and whispers in his ear, “Would you like to see what you have brought me?”

Artist Unknown

The tall blonde approaches John and starts to undress him, he is unable to move, transfixed by these two women.  His clothes folded neatly, he is led to a tall leather chair.  Without realising, his wrists are strapped to the arms of the chair and a black lace blindfold is placed over his eyes.  His body is aching with desire and is aware of his nakedness; Caroline approaches and draws a long red fingernail across his chest, enough pressure to leave a neat line of raised skin.

John feels that he is in a trance, unable to move, the world of work; responsibility seems in another place, what has he done, feeling helpless, exposed and elated.  He has never experienced such arousal; there is a deep ache between his legs, he has no control.  Caroline reassures him and tells him to relax, he can now focus through the black lace and watches as the tall blonde removes Caroline’s coat, falling to the floor, she steps away, fully naked, John follows the curves of her body.  The tall blonde silently caresses Caroline and brings her each item from the various bags.  John watches as Caroline is slowly dressed, black silk stockings, black corset and finally the thigh high boots.

John is breathing heavy, the ache from his balls is unbearable, he wants to free himself so he can jerk and release the pent up energy.  Caroline notices this and moves towards him, she straddles the leather chair and places her manicured fingertips on his shoulders, the tall blonde stands behind him, he can feel the silk of their stockings brushing against his skin, this is now unbearable, he pleads to be released.  Caroline moves closer and whispers “wait here”.  John groans and pleads, his balls feel as though they will explode, he tries to escape from the wrist straps, but to no avail.

Caroline and the tall blonde walk hand in hand and leave the room, John is left in darkness, his mind racing, he hears laughter, all the while his body aches, he writhes in the chair, longing to be able to reach himself.  He drifts away, tired and aching, his mind racing with images, Caroline, her voice, her body, the tall blonde who is silent, where have they gone, when will they release him?

After, what seems to be an eternity, the door opens, and two figures enter and move towards him. Caroline runs her fingertips up and down his thighs, across his chest.

She places a fingertip on his lips and whispers that he has been worthy to serve.

The tall blonde moves towards him and removes the leather straps, John is moved from the leather chair and on to his knees, the tall blonde approaches him and pulls his face into her shaven soft skin, John slowly licks her soft skin, within seconds he feels Caroline’s hand at the back of his head, pushing him closer.  The tall blonde moves away and Caroline takes her place, he starts to kiss her smooth shaven skin and licks at a stainless steel piercing, taking it slowly into his mouth, sucking and kissing.

Caroline moves away and takes a seat next to the tall blonde, they start to slowly stroke each other, John is helpless, he is now completely subservient, and he still aches.  He waits for instruction. Finally he is told to stand and rub himself.  Within seconds he feels the deepest orgasm building and releases across the tall blonde, Caroline massages his cum into her breasts, whilst John collapses in a merciful release.

Moments later John is given his clothes and asked if he would like to take a shower, he feels so drained.  The tall blonde takes John’s hand and guides him towards the door, Caroline walks behind and whisper’s “you are good enough and willing to serve” and places her finger tips on John’s lips.

John leaves the apartment block and walks through Mayfair in a haze, he tries to make sense of the evening, he is tired, but mostly elated.  He has never experienced such erotica from such a powerful woman. He feels that this is an element of his life that he has suppressed. It is now something that he will crave.

Days later he goes over the events, unable to erase it.  Friday arrives and the commute to London makes him feel excited, he cannot wait to visit Harrods, to walk through the large hall and see Caroline at the Chanel counter.

John leaves his office and like an over excited schoolboy, rushes through the store, towards the large hall, filled with glamorous women, behind their counters.  He approaches the Chanel counter, not knowing what to say.

Stood at the counter, he looks for Caroline – “can I help you” he hears, looking around, he expects to see Caroline but no – “can I help you Sir” says a beautiful blonde.  John asks after Caroline, “is she working today?”

“Caroline?  Sorry Sir, there’s no one here by that name; we have never had anybody called Caroline working for us.”

John leaves the store, confused and feeling slightly empty, he returns to his office…..

Copyright © Miss Deelight and RB.  All rights reserved.