Work Update


As many of you know, I have been in the process of renovating a building partly for personal gain and partly as a play space for my most loyal and trusted of submissives.  I had felt that renovations were far enough along to start seeing my loyal subs in person, but I’ve had to admit that the renovations are taking far longer than was originally planned, and when things are progressed, it results in mountains of clearing up after each stage.  For me, a messy environment is like really loud noise.  I simply can’t abide mess.  I have decided that my best course of action is to complete the renovation before making any solid commitments to those waiting for my attention.

When I am both available and organised you all certainly know about it with my sexy updates.  So please just bear with me a little longer so I can get everything just perfect.  An organised environment, clear mind and lovely surroundings all amount to one thing: A very happy, sexually dominant Mistress!  (The best version of me!)

One final note, I am fully aware that I have a growing number of emails waiting for answers, they are almost at the top of my to-do list.  If you have a really urgent, can’t wait for enquiry, you’ll probably already have my phone number in which case an SMS is acceptable.  If you don’t have my number, you can use the SMS system at the bottom of my profile.  So, in the meantime, keep your cocks under control and your typing fingers, patient! Seeing 20 emails from the same person, just makes me want to hit delete!