Your New Cuckold Life – New Erotic Audio Recording

Listen to my voice as I tell you the story about how your chastity and cuckold fantasy became a harsh reality….


Here you sit staring at a blank wall in a sparsely furnished bed-sit. Not just any bed-sit but your wifes boyfriends bed-sit whilst he enjoys not only great sex with your wife but also living in the nice house that you used to live in. The one that you still pay for, the one that you still pay all the bills with your very well paid job. Whilst you sit here in a tiny room barely making ends meets on the allowance you are given every month by your wife who now controls all your finances. Deciding every month how much you are allowed and making sure you never have anything left over for luxuries. No enjoyment for you what so ever even down to that infernal metal prison that your cock is locked in. The one your wife teases you about by claiming she has thrown away the key or did she lose it or did she give it to someone to look after. Frankly darling I’m having so much fun I can’t remember she says…


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